jueves, 22 de marzo de 2007

taking a back seat

Having children is an eye opener for most people, how could it not be? Your world turns completely upside down and the you you thought you knew isn't so you anymore. You spend your time mulling over brands of diapers, as if using one over another will improve your child's odds of one day becoming the President. You follow your pediatrician's recommendations to a 'T', never allowing yourself to think otherwise for the freak chance that putting the baby to sleep on its belly will somehow affect its brain pattern and re-wire them homosexual. Parenting is all about a child's needs, a novel idea, and way less about the parents wants. Gone are the days of alone time. Nowadays the minutes are spent with a toddler tugging on your pants, a baby in your arms, and trying to remember first grade math. When you're out in public, people don't see you, they see your children, which is why investing yourself in your children is key. A little selfishness goes a long way and eventually your shadow will dissipate and you will become you again but only after your children become themselves first.

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