lunes, 26 de marzo de 2007

sweet sounds

A minute and a half after number 1 and 2 walked in the door from school I felt the urge to wrap them in duct tape and throw them in the basement. It started with a fight over who got to use the bathroom first, nevermind that we have 3 of them, because apparantly they 'forget' to pee at school so by the time they get home their bladders are filled way past capacity and are about to externally combust. Then it was on to who got to get a snack first and while they were caught up in the throws of arguing, number 3 decided to seize the opportunity and help herself to the box of Girl Scout cookies that were left within her reach. While I was sweeping the crumbs under the rug, number 2 tried to be sneaky and grab 4 cookies for her snack. Little did she realize that my mom radar was in full swing, despite not having slept longer than 4 hours the night before. I nicely asked her when I have ever allowed her to have 4 cookies and the dam broke loose. She cried returning her cookies to the pantry and she cried and she cried and she cried. I was about to get out the bag of cotton balls and shove them in her tear ducts when miraculously she stopped. Oh wait, then she started again. Her wailing was followed by sprouts incessant screaming at having been woken up, then by number 3's tears because number 1 snatched her toy. After number 1 was reprimanded, he too started with the water works. And where was the hubster? Why, at the dentist getting 3 teeth ripped from his jaws. What I wouldn't give to have my pearly whites yanked at this moment...anything to get me away from this madness.

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