lunes, 26 de marzo de 2007

more than you know

Knowing that there's an end in sight regulates the rational side of my brain and allows me to cope. The irrational side wonders what the hell happened and how much longer it'll be till I crash. Sleep balances out my emotions, yes i have those as hard as it is to believe, and without it I'm a walking zombie that couldn't give two shits about anything. When you have an infant, your name automatically gets markered in on the sleep deprivation list, where it remains for a long, long, long time. A time in your life where you feel completely and utterly detached from the outside world and from yourself. Some are happy to journey down the path if it means being able to hold your child in your arms and some are reluctant because it wasn't in their life plan. Me, I was clubbed over the head and as we speak am being dragged down that long and winding road of insanity. Life is unexpected and it's sometimes hard to grapple with the hand you are dealt but we must believe that everything happens for a reason even if its out of focus now. Your feelings endure a maze of mixed emotions but your love never falters, it's unwavering presence is your saving grace.

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