domingo, 25 de marzo de 2007

It's no secret that frilly pink tutus and ballerin...

It's no secret that frilly pink tutus and ballerina slippers have never been my thing. I'd be much happier shoveling horse shit or looking for bugs under boulders but when you have girls, well, you must adapt. Note: I did not say become comfortable with the idea of playing dress up or sipping tea with a dozen stuffed animals in a chair sized to hold only one of your ass cheeks because I don't believe that one could ever really enjoy this sort of stuff. The sight of a tiny porcelin tea set is enough to send my body into convulsions, foaming mouth and all so when sprout was born first thing I did was check out the goods to confirm that there really was an end to pink polish in sight. Hanging up those dance shoes never sounded so good until I remembered that I now had to deal with boy parts again. Today I have changed no less than 20 diapers and atleast 5 outfits due to the sprout's garden hose having a mind of its own. I've been peed on, the hubster has been peed on, and he's peed himself and all in one diaper change. Clearly the tea parties aren't looking quite so bad.

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