miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2007

Instinct or experience?

Maybe both in this case. We have pretty much kept the sprout's existence under wraps these past five weeks mainly because there hasn't been anything good to report. Who really wants to listen to the sob story of sleep deprivation and cranky babies? I, for sure, would rather not so sprout's status has pretty much remained a mystery, well until now. For the first few weeks of his life the sprout would eat, sleep, and poop, much like any other newborn. Then came the backup, literally, and he became unbearable until he was able to relieve himself which only occurred after a gallon of prune juice and the handy thermometer. At that point I knew from experience that the formula sprout was using was causing the stop up so we switched to soy, which all three beanz had been on as well. Why didn't we use soy from the beginning? Simply because my mommy brain wasn't functioning properly and I let the hospital pediatrician dictate what was best for my sprout full well knowing the history of the other beanz. A few days later and all systems at full steam we realized we had a plain old fussy baby on our hands. Not sure how that was possible since the others were so well, good, compared to the raging beast in the bouncy seat. He would grumble and fuss while he was awake, eating, or sleeping and nothing soothed him for more than 5 minutes. Again, the mommy cap went on and I concluded that it must be the brand of formula so we switched again to the much more expensive brand, a liquid gold of sorts and after a few days and more dollars spent there was no change. My sleep deprived body was doing just enough to function and I gave in to the theory of a colicky baby. Hubster and I would brainstorm and we couldn't come up with anything. Finally a few days ago when I was on the brink of a meltdown I thought to myself, "what did I do so differently with the other beanz that I haven't done with sprout"? and immediately the clouds opened up and the light shone down and I knew. By jove, I knew! You see, in the past we used the same kind of bottles for all of the beanz but this time around I was tired of listening to the hubster complain about what a pain the liners were to use and how he wanted just regular bottles so I veared and purchased a different kind. The kind with no liners and a plethora of air. The same kind of air that sits inside the tummy of babies and causes them such uncomfortable pain in that they are unable to do anything without fussing. So, being that poopie is still on the bottle, with the liners I might add, I borrowed one of hers to test out my theory and good Lord I was right! Five weeks of hell all because of a damn bottle. Who would've thunk? I guess now sprout can no longer go by the moniker of "Captain shitty pants".

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