sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007


Six and a half weeks hasn't made a dent in the past sixteen months. With every year and every pregnancy my body breaks down a little more. First it was the Hashimotos, then the betrayal began and before I knew it I was dealing with full blown hypothyroidism, weight gain, hair loss, and the ever present depression. Add two more back-to-back pregnancies and it's gotten completely out of control. The downward spiral has begun and even the medications can't keep it at bay. Chalk it up to faulty genetics. Ironic because apparantly not a single soul on either side has or is suffering from anything remotely close to what's ravaging my body. Tired from all the bullshit, I did some searching and found that the medications I take actually lessen each others effects. What? All this time has gone by and no one, I mean no one picked up on this small, tiny, minute, little fact. Not the OB, not the endocrinologist, not the psychiatrist, not the pharmicist. NO ONE! A bizillion copays later, I would have been better off lighting myself on fire. Annoyed? Why yes, but since my emotions are getting the best of me I would say pretty damn pissed is an understatement. Feeling like I've been run over by a bus every. single. day. for the past sixteen months has taken its toll on my body and has cost me my sanity. The damage has been done so now the question remains, can it be fixed?

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